AOC DisplayPort Cables

AOC DisplayPort Cables

Fiber-optic technology revolutionizes long-distance UHD transmission with expansive bandwidth. Unlike copper cables, Active Optical Cables (AOC) effortlessly transmit 4K@60Hz signals over extended distances. AOCs excel in displaying 8K60 resolutions while supporting the full feature set of DisplayPort 1.4. They deliver HDR video, BT.2020 colorimetry, and immersive audio with theater-quality sound. With plug-and-play convenience and premium reliability, AOCs eliminate the need for complex installations and potential points of failure. Their thin, flexible design allows easy routing through tight spaces, making them ideal for video walls and reducing clutter. AOCs are significantly lighter than copper cables, simplifying installations and minimizing the risk of damage. Experience seamless, high-quality AV connectivity with fiber-optic AOCs.

Better Than Copper,

Easier Than Extender

  • Instant transmission of Ultra-HD content including 4K, 8K and the future 10K that copper cables can’t come close to.
  • Easy to go over distances up to 985 ft without bulky external power supplies, transmitters & receivers.
  • Clean & space-saving installation is possible with a more flexible & thinner design than traditional copper cables.
  • No signal loss & delay since fiber is not affected by EMI/RFI interference like copper wires.

Cutting-edge Technology,

In-house Manufacturing

From R&D, custom design, to industrial grade manufacturing products of FiberLink Tech are designed and manufactured in Shenzhen, one of the most efficient and innovative city across the world.

With years of experience in manufacturing and development, and tier-1 supply chain, we have designed unique semi-automatic production process to ensure precise manufacturing quality and consistency, eliminate errors, and offer advanced production speed and reliability. In addition, our cables are certified by third-party quality test labs.

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