Virtual Reality Headset Cable

Virtual Reality Headset Cable

Fiberlink USB 3.2 Type C Virtual Reality Headset Link Cables are meticulously designed to enhance the VR experience by offering lightweight, flexible, and robust construction. These cables enable freedom of movement, ensuring a more immersive and comfortable virtual reality experience. Additionally, our VR link cables are capable of providing power to the headset, eliminating the need for separate power cables. We also offer embedded fiber optic VR link cable designs with flexible printed circuit (FPC), enabling seamless integration and enhanced durability. Upgrade to Fiberlink VR cables for a superior VR experience with enhanced mobility and reliability.


Fiber optic USB cables are the ideal choice for long-distance connectivity due to their high bandwidth capabilities. They offer enhanced durability, flexibility, and lightweight design, making them suitable for applications such as VR, AR, gaming, machine vision, and industrial use. With reliable and efficient data transmission, fiber optic USB cables ensure seamless connectivity in demanding environments. Upgrade to fiber optic USB cables for fast and reliable connectivity in bandwidth-intensive applications.

Virtual Reality Headset Cable

Crafted for optimal portability, versatility, and durability, the Fiberlink VR Headset cables seamlessly facilitate unrestricted mobility, elevating the VR encounter, all the while supplying power to the headset.

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